Friday, June 22, 2007

Cycle World: Mick Doohan interview

From 1994 to 1998, there was no beating Mick Doohan in the 500cc class

Remember Mick ‘The Dominant’ Doohan? Of course you do. The fierce, feisty Australian won five consecutive 500cc world championships on his Honda NSR500, from 1994 to 1998. Cycle World magazine spoke to the racing legend recently, and it’s clear that Doohan’s hunger for being the best in whatever he does remains undiminished.

Now that he’s retired from racing, what exactly does Doohan do? He says, ‘I have an aviation company in Australia. We run small aircraft – corporate jets – in Australia and Southeast Asia. If you have an aircraft, we crew, manage and maintain it. I own two of them. We manage 12 aircraft in total. We have the biggest group under one umbrella in the country.’

The Dominant Doohan, they used to call him...

As if that wasn’t enough, he runs other businesses too. ‘My prime business is property. We’ve started some restaurants and bars in Las Vegas with the MGM Mirage group. The first one opens later this year in the Luxor. And we’ve got another one opening next year, as well,’ he says. What about that famous competitive edge of his – does it extend to Doohan’s business activities as well? He says, ‘I suppose it does. I didn’t like losing races, and I don’t like losing money!’

Finally, does he miss his racing days? Says Doohan, ‘I still have a great love for the bikes, for MotoGP and especially Honda!’ Get the full interview at the Cycle World website here.

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