Friday, June 15, 2007

Frank Melling: Memories of the Isle of Man TT

Who wouldn't recognise that helmet on the IoM TT...

Frank Melling has written an excellent article for Motorcycle-USA, where he talks about his memories of the Isle of Man TT. Here are two brief excerpts.

‘My first independent trip away from home was to the TT. I was just 16 years old. I arrived to a scene of unbelievable glamour. The dockside was full of the latest superbikes – BSA Gold Stars, Triumph Bonnevilles and the glorious 650cc Norton SS. Their riders looked so cool too. Elvis haircuts, real leather jackets and badges from previous TTs. I wandered around in a dream of wonder and near ecstasy.’

‘It is the sounds which carry through the years more than the sights. The howl of the Honda fours, the desperately high-pitched screams of the tiny Suzuki two-strokes and the snarl and rasp of the British singles….’

Get the full article here.

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