Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ilmor may be back in MotoGP in 2008

Can a small team with a small budget really complete a full MotoGP season? Ilmor intend to find out in 2008...

The UK-based Ilmor, who raced their XR3 MotoGP machine at the season-opener in Qatar and then withdrew from competition due to lack of sponsorship money, may soon be back. As they had said they would, Ilmor have continued development work on their 800cc V4 engine, and their rider, Jeremy McWilliams will demo the bike on the 24th of June at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Says Ilmor’s managing director Steve Miller, ‘Time is running out for us to get everyone on board for a return to MotoGP for 2007. But we are very much in the sponsorship hunt, although the focus is beginning to shift to 2008.’ The British company is also looking at the possibility of leasing engines to other teams who may want to get into MotoGP. ‘Being an engine supplier is our core business,’ says Miller.

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