Friday, June 29, 2007

Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor: Smoke thy neighbour!

Wind it on and the supercharged Peugeot Satelis will blow past a lot of cars...

Er.., well, we couldn’t resist one more scooter post. See, 200 horsepower Hayabusas and ZZR1400s are all very well but somehow, blowing past cars (and sometimes, sportsbikes…) on a puny little scooter is just so deeply satisfying. And while some of the hottest, most stylish scooters come from Italy, the French also make some pretty torrid machines.

A 125cc supercharged engine, in a scooter! Madness!

We are, of course, talking about Peugeot’s old Jet Force (launched back in 2003) and now the Satelis 125 Compressor, which uses a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, supercharged 125cc engine! With its 20 horsepower, the Satelis 125 Compressor can hit a top speed of 125km/h, and acceleration is comparable to most 250cc motorcycles. (There is also a learner-friendly 15bhp version available, which can still do 115km/h.)

Sure, it's practical too, but who would ever buy a Satelis 125 Compressor for its under-seat storage space?

Compared with the older Jet Force's supercharger, the new version on the Satelis 125 makes less noise and is more fuel efficient – Peugeot claim a figure of 22km/l. Plus, the new supercharged engine is Euro 3 emissions compliant.

The older Jet Force was the first to use a supercharged engine. It still looks totally cool!

Yes, even with its supercharged performance, anti-lock braking system, and the exclusivity factor, the Satelis 125 Compressor is quite expensive at about US$6,000. Still, for sheer grin-inducing entertainment, this scooter may be hard to beat! More details on the Peugeot website here.

Fifth Gear did a shootout between the Peugeot JetForce 125 Compressor and the Suzuki Swift! Download the video (.Zip file) here.

The Peugeot Django also looks hot, right? ;-)


john but not forgotten said...

anyone heard any actual performance numbers [as opposed too claims] on the 125 compressor?
Despite all the hype in magazines both online and not [some from people who should know better] the 125 jetforce and satelis are 10% short of their 250 stablemates on HP and torque, and only 1% lighter.
Any physics students in the house?
And my MP3 hits 125 km/h and gets 25 km/l compared to Peugeot's claim of 125 km/h and 22km/L for the 125 Satelis [and the MP3's a tank at 30kg heavier than my Breva 750, which gets about 20 km/L will hit 180 on a good day].
So i don't see the 125 matching most 250's, but a fast 125 will still be fun [and a serious novelty here in north america]

Vivek said...

Any information on the super charger make / model / configuration used by Peugeot on this scooter. I have been trying since ages to get info on which supercharger to use on small cc single cylinder motorcycles (less than 500cc).

Any info would be really useful.



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