Friday, June 08, 2007

Reinventing the superbike: Ecosse-Spirit ES1

The radically different ES1. Designed to go very fast...

Two UK-based F1 designers recently showed a new concept superbike, which they say will weigh a mere 120 kilos and which will be capable of hitting top speeds of up to 380km/h! The Ecosse-Spirit ES1, its designers say, will be radically different from existing sportsbikes and will have a completely different riding position, in order to improve aerodynamics. In fact, the entire bike is said to have been designed around the very low seat and the new riding position.

The Ecosse Spirit ES1 concept also features radical innovation in other areas, including the monoarm front suspension, and a new chain drive mechanism which allows the bike to be much narrower than conventional designs. According to various simulations and computer calculations, the bike's 1000cc engine would be capable of making anywhere between 170 and 210 horsepower, and top speeds would accordingly be between 350 and 385km/h. Hayabusa and ZZR1400 riders would be gutted...

Other notable things are a minimalist chassis, extensive use of carbonfibre, and perimeter ceramic disc brakes at the front.

A video of the Ecosse Spirit ES1

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