Monday, June 04, 2007

Street Survival: 50 tips from Motorcycle Cruiser magazine

When in doubt, just pin the throttle and hold on...!

Motorcycle Cruiser have an excellent article on their website, where they’ve put down 50 sensible tips that could save your life. Here are the six which we think are most crucial, but also do visit their website for the remaining 44

Assume you're invisible
Because to a lot of drivers, you are. Never make a move based on the assumption that another driver has seen you…

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Assume that car across the intersection will turn across your bow when the light goes green, with or without a turn signal

Leave your ego at home
 The only people who really care if you were faster on the freeway will be the officer and the judge

Mirrors only show you part of the picture
Never change direction without turning your head to make sure the coast really is clear

If it looks slippery, assume it is
 A patch of suspicious pavement could be just about anything. Butter Flavor Crisco? Gravel? Mobil 1? Or maybe it's nothing. Better to slow down for nothing than go on your head

Take a deep breath
 Count to 10. Visualize whirled peas. Forgetting about some clown's 80-mph indiscretion beats running the risk of ruining your life, or ending it

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