Thursday, June 07, 2007

Superbikes vs Police helicopters! Madness!

500bhp vs 160bhp. No contest...?

If you thought you've had enough of speed cameras and police patrol cars, wait till you meet California's Airborne Law Enforcement (ABLE) division. Hoping your Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R will have their Harleys for lunch, is futile. ABLE have a fleet of three EC120B Eurocopters, which are on active duty for about 3,600 hours per year. And according to this Cycle World story, 'the ABLE team is involved in about 700 arrests, 125 vehicle pursuits, the recovery of 50 stolen vehicles and a variety of search-and-rescue missions every year.'

Even the mighty R1 will be humbled by the Police Eurocopter

Can a 500-horsepower EC120B Eurocopter, which costs US$1.2 million, keep up with a 160 horsepower Ninja ZX-10R or Yamaha R1? No, the helicopter is actually about 20km/h slower than the bikes, but it'll still catch you because it flies in straight lines, and doesn't have to deal with traffic.

The recommended course of action, if you're being chased by a police helicopter? The ABLE team says, “If you’re getting chased by the police, especially if the agency has a helicopter, give it up. Fleeing is futile. You’re gonna get caught or you’re gonna crash, and then your troubles have only just begun..."

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pocket rocket said...

well mke sure u on a straight motorway den and dats the old r1 either that ot go ova the top and get a y2k superbike 0-217 in 14 seconds

Anonymous said...

Or that you pack a rocket luncher to take down the annoying fly.

Anonymous said...

You play to much GTA

Paul said...

If I really had to beat a Cop Helicopter, I would ride like mad get to a pre arranged spot where inside a multi storey car park I had a Van/Truck waiting to put the bike into the back and drive off in my FedEx type vehicle, and hopefully the cops by the time they caught up to the car park and looked on Every floor for my bike, we would be far enough away.

Anonymous said...

Powerlines powerplants airports military bases and skyscrapers are yourbest bet... I've gotten away from a police helicopter on a yz250 by passing a nuclear power plant then a marine base then ditching the bike in a stream and hoppin to the mall a block away on foot

Anonymous said...

Like guy above says, airports and military bases are a good bet because they are restricted air space which the chopper cannot go into. State lines are another great one. I have a CAR, not a bike, and evaded a chopper by driving into another state. The cops in the next state over will not give you a ticket for something a helicopter saw you do in another state. Too much bullshit and hassle. Unless you killed someone or robbed a bank. If it's just speeding, big deal. The helicopter stopped following me as soon as I crossed state lines.

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