Friday, June 22, 2007

Troy Corser: ‘I’m really surprised at how much power there is on a standard Yamaha R1…!’

Even if you're used to riding this, a standard Yamaha R1 will surprise you with its performance. Or can it...?

Troy Corser, who made his World Superbikes debut aboard a Yamaha FZR750R back in 1992, and who currently rides for the Yamaha Motor Italia team in WSBK, recently had a chance to ride stock R1 and R6 machines at the Valencia circuit in Spain. And what did he have to say about the bikes? ‘With the R1, I was really surprised how much power there is on the standard bike. There's plenty enough there to get the front wheel up in first, second and third without trying,’ claims Corser. ‘I was surprised by the strength of the engine – it's quite something for a stock road bike,’ he adds.

Overall, it's an impressive little package. That's what Corser says about the Yam R6

So what about the R6 then? Says Corser, ‘The power delivery is softer than on the R1, but it revs really high – much higher than the R1 – which makes for good amounts of fun on the track or the road. To be honest, the chassis on the R6 feels pretty close to the chassis on my racebike and it handles well. Overall it's an impressive little package.’

Given that Yamaha pay his salary, we suppose Mr Corser will say good things about the R1 and R6 bikes. Still, we quite like the R1 ourselves – the red and white paint scheme, in particular, rocks…

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