Monday, July 09, 2007

2008 BMW K1000RS under development!

For those who always wanted a German GSX-R1000, BMW might have the K1000RS ready for you in 2008! (This pic is sourced from Motociclismo)

BMW have been on a roll of late, what with powerful, funky new bikes and a return to top-flight racing. At one time, there were rumours of BMW coming to MotoGP, but while that’s been squelched, it’s now being said that BMW will go racing in World Superbikes in 2008. And no, it won’t be with a 1200cc boxer-twin, but a brand-new 1000cc four-cylinder superbike!

According to a report on Motociclismo, the BMW K1000RS will be the Bavarian company’s WSBK racer in 2008. The bike is expected to weigh in at 190kg and its four-cylinder engine is expected to make 190 horsepower, making for a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. The bike will utilize a beam frame chassis, conventional USD front forks and chain drive.

Motociclismo also say that the BMW K1000RS may be fitted with some kind of semi-automatic gearshift system and an advanced version of traction control. The bike, it’s said, is already being tested extensively and may be launched by August 2008.

With KTM and Aprilia also going to WSBK in 2008, it’ll be terrific if BMW join the fray with an all-new 1000cc, four-cylinder superbike. We’ll definitely keep you posted on this one!

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