Saturday, July 14, 2007

990cc MotoGP-replica: MotoCzysz C1 gets closer to production

If you have about US$100,000 to spare, you should soon be able to buy this bike. It has a 990cc MotoGP-spec engine, so yes it should be quite fast... :-)

We first spoke of the MotoCzysz C1 back in August last year, when we said deliveries of the 990cc MotoGP-replica would begin in early-2007. That has not happened but the bike is now finally inching closer to becoming a production reality.

MotoGP test rider Jeremy McWilliams has been putting in some development work on the C1 and he says, ‘I was surprised at how nimble the bike turned, steered and changed direction. This motorcycle easily took the least amount of effort for a bike of this capacity. The MotoCzysz changes direction with minimal input and I always found that I had room to push harder.’

Umm... well, we do think the significantly cheaper Ducati Desmosedici RR is much better looking than this MotoCzysz C1

Michael Czysz, the man responsible for designing and developing the C1 says, ‘We can now consider the design frozen for the first model and focus entirely on final engine development and prepare the bike for production.’ Well, better late than never, we suppose! More information, pics and videos on the MotoCzysz website here.

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