Friday, July 20, 2007

Bazzaz Performance launch traction control system for bikes

With 160bhp, you want that rear tyre to behave. Traction control...?

The US-based Bazzaz Performance have launched new electro-trickery motorcycle rider aids – the Z-Fi line of fuel injection, traction control and quick-shifter units.

Ammar Bazzaz, the man behind Bazzaz Performance, has been supplying electronics and engine management modules to superbike racing teams for a long time. He says, 'We developed the Z-Fi line of products to fill the performance gap between low-end piggy-back systems and expensive stand-alone engine management systems. The Z-Fi line was developed directly from race track testing and racing at the highest level in America.'

The Z-Fi plugs into a bike's stock ECU and optimises engine performance by controlling the fuel delivery. Installation is said to be simple and the Z-Fi features a USB interface with easy to use software. The unit can be run with stock or aftermarket exhaust systems and depending on the model, the Z-Fi will cost between US$300 - 400.

The Z-Fi line has Rizla Suzuki ladies' full approval! Probably...

Bazzaz Performance have also updated their QS-4 Quick Shift system, which allows clutchless gearshifts. The unit is priced at US$850. And finally, there's the Z-Fi TC, the first aftermarket traction control system for motorcycles. It's said to be suitable for the street as well as the racing circuit and its optional TC adjust switch allows you to tune the system's operation according to your riding skill and style. Cost is US$1,000.

The Bazzaz Z-Fi product line will be available for most Japanese sportsbikes. Watch this video of an interview with Ammar Bazzaz here.

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