Saturday, July 07, 2007

Chris Vermeulen working with Dainese on motorcycle rider airbags

Dainese and Chris Vermeulen are working on a rider airbag system, which chould be an important safety aid for motorcyclists in the future...

Dainese have been working on rider airbag systems for quite some time and now their work and research is being supported by Rizla Suzuki MotoGP rider, Chris Vermeulen. Says Dainese's sports marketing manager Lerrj Piazza, ‘Inside Chris’ riding suit, we have a special data logger and with this we store a lot of data about the dynamics of the rider on the bike. We need this to develop the airbag system.’

An ‘intelligent’ crash protection system for motorcycle riders, Dainese’s airbag system might be ready by next year and should be an important advance in rider safety when it finally goes on sale.

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