Friday, July 06, 2007

Kawasaki 1400GTR Concours: Can a 153bhp bike be boring?

190bhp, 1.4-litre engine, variable valve timing and 300km/h top speed. And we still don't want the Kawasaki 1400GTR!
We are big fans of big, fast and brutish Kawasakis here and yet somehow we don't really like the 2008 Kawasaki 1400GTR Concours too much. How could that be? The bike is powered by the ZZR1400's engine (detuned from 190bhp down to 153...), is packed with cutting-edge technology and going by most road test reports, is fast, smooth, safe and comfortable.

We guess our problem with the bike is that it looks a bit dull. While it may be efficient and hassle-free, shaft-drive belongs on old-school BMWs and Moto Guzzis. And the 1400GTR also looks too big and bloated. Since the ZZR1400 can't possibly compete with GSX-R1000s and R1s on twisty mountain roads, isn't it already a hyper-fast sports-tourer? Where's the need for a GTR1400? Fast it may be, but isn't the Concours too much of an old man's bike?

While we don't like the GTR too much, we guess the bike would have some fans among our readers. If you like the 1400GTR, read Lance Oliver's first ride report, at the AMA website here.

No, the 1400GTR doesn't do anything for us. We'd much rather take the ZZR1400 or even the 2008 Hayabusa...


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if reviewers could be unbiased and test bikes the way they were meant to be used, rather than say, we prefer this bike or that bike, or this is an "old man's bike" etc etc.
Chances are such reviewers have NEVER imagined the possibility that other riders are interested in what the bike can ACTUALLY DO, based on it's designed intentions. So I say, WHY review a bike, if you have already decided it is not for you or that you cannot imagine the possibility that others might be interested in it?
Why not go fishing instead?

Anonymous said...

My '08 C14 may be a true old man's bike. I am 75and removed the bags, trunk, and trailer hitch. Had Chris Jones do performance mods including a turbo charger boosting up to 15 psi and producing about 270-300 bhp for real street/strip use. Chris says it will meet my needs to do 200 mph and to whip a stock '12 ZX14R in the 1/4 mile as well. This after adventure touring a KLR650 50k miles to the ends of the world in the western hemisphere with my Yorkie dog, PUNKY, on the tank bag. Still working on the bucket list. PUNKYNLEW

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