Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kenny Dreer: “it’s time I pack my bags and head off in another direction…”

The Norton which Kenny Dreer tried to build. It wasn't to be...

Cycle World magazine has an interview with Kenny Dreer, the man behind Norton’s attempted revival for the last few years. The people who had promised to invest money into bringing Norton back to life backed out last year, and Norton had ceased operations in March 2006. Now, Dreer has also resigned from the Norton Motorsports board of directors.

Says Dreer, ‘While a lot of time and money has been expended on this enterprise, I feel it’s time I pack my bags and head off in another direction, hence my decision to resign. There is no denying that I would still like to see the 961 become reality. What I can’t answer is by whom and when, or if ever.’

Get the full interview on the Cycle World website here.

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