Friday, July 06, 2007

Throttle control: Motorcycle rider vs electronics

Definitely no electronics at work here!

While most of us agree that the increased use of electronics in modern-day motorcycles is a good thing, are manufacturers are going too far already? We’d support most things that enhance rider safety on the street. ABS and traction control etc. are all fine by us as long as they can be controlled/modulated by the rider, and switched off if the rider wants, what about motorcycle racing? How far should electronic aids be allowed to go before it becomes less of a motorcycle race on the circuit and more of a contest between computer scientists?

Umm… we don’t really know. We don’t have answers to the above question. But motorcycle tech guru, Kevin Cameron has written a brilliant article at the Cycle World website, which you may want to read. It talks about how building a racing motorcycle has gone from being all about ports and pipes and cams back then, to being mostly about electronic chips and computer software these days.

Learnings from racebike development ultimately filter down to streetbikes, so where we finally go with motorcycle electronics will have a very large impact on a very large number of riders...

The article is a fascinating read and might possibly even give you new insights into why a young rider from Australia has been regularly beating a multi-time world champion from Italy in this year’s MotoGP season! Get the article here.

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