Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Turbocharged: The 2008 Canjamoto BMW R1200S Scorpion

The Canjamoto R1200S Scorpion sure looks like it can take on the Hayabusas and the ZZR1400s of this world...!

Toronto, Canada-based Canjamoto (Canadian Jamaican Motorsports) have built an amazing motorcycle – the Canjamoto BMWR1200S Scorpion that you see here. The bike’s been designed by one Richard Minott and it certainly looks striking. The instrumentation features HUD (heads up display) technology but the best part is, a 160 horsepower turbo version will be available in 2008. Visit the Canjamoto website here.

The bike's designer, Richard Minott says that the goal was to have the feel and presence of exotic supercars...

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Acks said...

I Sure as hell hope they fired the designer.....or atleast sent him for a drug test.....this is possibly the ugliest thing I have EVER seen on two wheels......2008 fireblade look out, you got competition!


GSX-R Riders Arrive in Style!

hardboiled said...

Errrrr OK, This is what happens when you don't listen at school.

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