Monday, August 27, 2007

2008 Kawasaki Z1400 and KTM RC8 pics

The Kawasaki Z1400 will soon be up against the Suzuki B-King and the Yamaha V-Max...
pic: Oliepeil

Japanese manufacturers seem to be quite gung-ho on big, super-powerful nakeds - witness the Suzuki B-King and the delayed-but-still-on Yamaha V-Max. For 2008, even Honda are said to be working on the Hornet 1000, which will be powered by the current Fireblade's 170bhp inline-four. So how could Kawasaki not get into the fray? Yes, expect the Kawasaki Z1400 next year, which will use the ZZR1400's 200-horsepower engine and cutting-edge electronics. The bike takes styling cues from Kawasaki's own Z1000 and unlike the 1400GTR, retains chain drive. Should provide some serious fun!

In the meanwhile, Raptors and Rockets have some scoop pics of the KTM RC8 superbike (see below), caught testing. The KTM packs a 1200cc, 180bhp v-twin and is one of the most anticipated machines for 2008. Visit the official KTM RC8 website here.

A video of the amazing KTM RC8 in action!

The KTM RC8 Venom. GSX-R owners, beware!
pic: MCN

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Shaswata said...

180 bhp from the KTM engine?? Even when Ducati only managed to get 160 bhp out of a 1100cc V-Twin with its desmodromic operations?? I think KTM would be hard pressed to match Ducati's figures even though they might have a 100cc advantage. But anyway I migght be wrong since they did invest 15 million euros to produce a MotoGP motor before calling off the project in summer of 2003 and then again briefly resuscitating in 2005 with KR... So they might have the technical know how..All they need to do is price it within 15,000 euros and its bye bye to the 183 bhp Gixxer Thou.. Cuz we all know that a V-Twin is better than an Inline 4 asd a motorcycle engine...

Anonymous said...

v-max v/s b-king v/s z1400 v/s evo6

Anonymous said...

KTM will never match the reliability of the jap 4s and the price is too high , put this together with hard to get parts = no chance

Anonymous said...

That'll be why they keep winning the dakar then, cause they're so unreliable. I guess it's the low spec components they're using, I mean those Brembo brakes and competition spec WP shocks are well known for breaking down aren't they. In my opinion KTM have a fantastic build quality and use top spec components on their bikes, the same view shared by many of the journos that have been testing the bike, my 05 Superduke has never missed a beat and stands out as the higher quality machine next to my K4 GSXR.

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