Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canada: The worst place in the world for riding sportsbikes?

Ride fast in Canada and you're a criminal 'street racer.' Even if you're riding alone!

According to a report on, Canada may now be the worst place in the world for riding fast motorcycles. According to a new law, if you’re caught at 50km/h or more above the speed limit, it will be considered that you were ‘street racing’ and you’ll be fined Canadian $10,000 (about US$9,300) and you could get up to six months in jail. You could also have your bike impounded and your driver’s license taken away from you.

To milk this new law for all it is worth, the Canadian government proposes to hire an additional 50 traffic policemen and even buy a new airplane for speed surveillance. Get the full report here.

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Anonymous said...

Canada may be the worst place to break the law on a sporbike....which you should not do anyways. Bt to say that Canada is the worst place in the world to RIDE a sportbike is really pushing it.

Maybe this law will bring down insurance rates...or deter the speed-racer wannabe's from giong too fast and putting people in danger. Driving your sportbike is a privilage (hence the need for a licence). There are usually good reasons for having laws like this....just do a search for "sportbike" on Youtube and take a look at the stupid crap they are doing.

I love sportbikes...but there is a limit to how fast you SHOULD ride on public roads and getting caught doing 50km/h over the legal limit....well....then you are busted. Period.

I tend to look on the other side of things and think that this will make it safer for me when I am out riding my own bike.

But...this is all my own opinion...and I understand and respect taht a great many of you may disagree - which is cool.

Anonymous said...

That's the law in the province of Ontario. It's not nation wide. Making a comment like that is just as ignorant as saying that self-serve gas stations are illegal in the USA just because they are illegal in the state of Oregon.

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