Monday, August 06, 2007

Cracking Confederate: F131 Hellcat Combat

The B120 Wraith

If you’ve seen pictures of their bikes, you’ll probably agree that the Alabama, US-based Confederate Motor Company builds some absolutely rocking motorcycles. They claim their bikes ‘celebrate the art of rebellion,’ and that ‘Confederate machines evoke principled individuality through simple, pure, minimal, skeletal form language, which is at once, technical and primitive.’ For once, this is not marketing-inspired shtick – the bikes really do what it says on the cover.

To start with, there’s the B120 Wraith, which is billed as ‘the world's most luxurious, sporting two-wheeled device.’ With 125 horsepower from its v-twin, carbonfibre monocoque chassis, single-sided swingarm, double wishbone front suspension, titanium monoshock, LED lamps and belt drive, this is not your everyday cruiser. Only 250 are being built.

The F131 Hellcat

Next up is the F131 Hellcat. The bike packs a 140-horsepower v-twin, and the backbone downtube, cradle-based chassis utilizes the engine as a stressed member. The swingarm features an integrated exhaust system and power is transferred to the rear wheel via a belt drive mechanism. There’s 50mm Marzocchi USD forks at front, adjustable dual Penske shocks at back and the wheels are made of carbonfibre. Still not enough? Get the range-topping, limited edition, F131 Hellcat Combat. With reworked engine and suspension, the Combat has a bit more power and handles better than the ‘ordinary’ Hellcat. If you want a Confederate, this seems to be the one to buy!

Confederate's latest, the Renovatio Project...

Finally, there’s the Renovatio Project on which Confederate are now working. It’s minimalist design coupled with a 1686cc, 150bhp v-twin (190bhp if you take the optional supercharger!), girder-type multi-link front suspension (made of titanium and carbonfibre), single-sided swingarm, LED lamps, and carbonfibre wheels.

These bikes certainly aren’t a part of mainstream motorcycling, but as a showcase for engineering talent and unconventional thought, the Confederate machines would be hard to beat! More details and technical specifications on the Confederate website here.

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