Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fast singles: Dirtbike-based 450cc road racers

Roland Sands speaks about the single-cylinder 450cc road racer concept
To keep costs low, engine, chassis and swingarm have to be stock items...

Gavin Trippe, a key figure in promoting motorcycle racing in the US in the 1970s and 80s, has now come up with a new (?) proposition – converting single-cylinder dirtbikes into road racers. The idea is to take bikes like the Honda CRF450X and the Yamaha WR450F, use the standard engine, swingarm and chassis, add wheels, tyres and suspension components suited to road racing and there you are – low cost road racers for people on a budget.

Along with Trippe, noted specials builders Roland Sands and Troy Lee have also been drafted in to help out with this project and handle the design and fabrication work. Together, the three of them have worked to keep costs low – the aim is to start a new race series for these single-cylinder 450cc machines, which would be far more affordable than four-cylinder 600s.

Road Racer X recently interviewed Trippe, who says, ‘The 450 is really the workhorse engine of everything – motocross, off-road, supermoto, and the rest of it. The purpose [of creating these road racers] is, instead of seeing who can build the fastest motorcycle, to create a test of rider. You can’t buy the right wrist!’

Trippe thinks a single-cylinder 450cc class would be perfect for beginners. He says, ‘A class like this would get the basics down. I think it’s got a lot of validity, purely because it helps you learn to road race – sorting out corner speed, braking and exits. It isn’t going to blow past a 250cc pure road racer, but it’s going to be highly competitive; it gets the basics down.’

Get the full interview on the Road Racer X website here and visit Trippe’s blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Back in 1981 I bought an old single cylinder race that was a converted motocrosser. It had been a YZ250 (aircooled 2 stroke) and then had TZ250 forks and running gear added. A little sad I know, but I didn't keep any pictures of it and can't find one on the web. Can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

This is team herrin racing,we are involved in a fuew projects ourself.I like the idea of building something for the kids.So what we did is build a yz 85 conversion and a yz 250f conversion.I wes extreamly happy when Bob Stess from Yamaha wanted to display our bikes at Laguna Moto Gp weekend.The amount of responce that I recieved from the Gp teams.Most thought Yamaha built them for a spec kids class.That was a good comp.We have won almost every race on the 80s and a fuew on the 250 in the 450 classes.I have a small wheel 80 as well for the younger kids.We hope to promote the classes and get more youth into the sport.
Thanks MGKT Herrin

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