Friday, August 31, 2007

From Switzerland: Quantya FMX and Evo1

The Quantya FMX. Top speed is 60km/h...

You would, of course, expect the Swiss to do electric bikes. And now, they do. According to their website, Quantya is a Swiss company that's “concentrated in the development and industrialization of a range of electric sportive vehicles.” The two machines which they currently make are the FMX and the Evo1, both of which are motocross/dual-purpose type of bikes.

The Quantya FMX runs on a lithium polymer battery, which takes about 75 minutes to charge and is good for 1,000 charge cycles. (After which you buy a new battery, for a mere US$3,500. Ouch!) The FMX's top speed is 60km/h and depending on how hard you wring the motor, the battery will run for anywhere between 30 minutes to three hours on a single charge. With the equivalent of 12 horsepower and 31Nm of torque from its electric motor, the 90-kilo FMX won't outrun any GSX-Rs, but is still said to have reasonably decent acceleration. The smaller, lighter Quantya EVO1 offers more of the same.

More details, pics and video on the Quantya website here.

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