Saturday, August 18, 2007

Honda CBR600RR wins Cycle World's 'Best 2007 Middleweight' Award

Light, nimble and fast. Right now, the CBR600RR is the best middleweight sportsbike around...

Cycle World magazine have announced their ten best motorcycles of 2007, and the Honda CBR600RR has come out on top as the 'Best 2007 Middleweight' bike. Says Cycle World, 'All who rode Big Red’s new middleweight came away impressed, so much so that it edged out last year’s winner, the still-spectacular Triumph 675. As a streetbike it can do no wrong. The engine cranks out impressive horsepower and is tractable all the way down in the rev-range basement. Handling has been improved dramatically, aided in part by a 16-pound drop in weight and radical new chassis geometry.' Here, we'll note that the CBR600RR also won Bike magazine's '2007 Bike of the Year' award recently.

Cycle World reckon the Duke 1098 is better than a GSX-R1000, Fireblade, R1 or ZX-10. They might be right

Cycle World have given their 'Best 2007 Superbike' award to the Ducati 1098. 'Visually respectful of the iconic 916 and packing a new racing-derived Testastretta Evoluzione engine more than capable of running with the Japanese Fours, the 1098 is the most significant sportsbike of 2007,' they say.

The big and bad ZZR1400 wins CW's best 2007 open streetbike. Rightly so

Finally, the 'Best 2007 Open Streetbike' award goes to the mighty Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX-14 in the US). Says Cycle World, 'Despite sophisticated electronics that soften power delivery in the bottom four gears, only the steamiest open-class racer-replicas are as quick in the quarter-mile and nothing – repeat, nothing – posts a higher top speed. Dual counterbalancers all but eliminate engine vibration, and the seating position and suspension calibration fall somewhere between hard-edged sportbike and long-haul sport-tourer.'

Go here for the full list and descriptions of the Cycle World 2007 Top 10 motorcycles.

Update: Can the CBR600RR match up to the 2008 Yamaha R6?

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