Monday, August 06, 2007

Honda: V4 revival in 2008-2009!

Honda VFR800
Honda may finally be ready to move beyond the VFR800 and develop a whole new range of V4-engined sports, touring and even dual-purpose motorcycles

According to Spanish website Solomoto, we may see a resurgence of Honda’s legendary V4-powered bikes over the next two years. While the 1980s and 90s V4 Honda RC30 and RC45 are considered to be all-time performance bike greats, the current VFR800 sports-tourer simply isn’t in the same league. Its variable-valve-timing (VTEC) system has been criticized for its erratic performance, and the bike has steadily lost ground to newer, more sophisticated rivals.

Honda are now expected to build a non-VTEC, 1000cc V4 which will power their new VFR1000 sports-tourer. And unlike the existing VFR800, the new bike is likely to have USD forks at front, Honda’s Unit ProLink system at the back, and radially-mounted brakes with ABS.

Solomoto even say that the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade may give way to an all-new RVF1000 by 2009. Instead of the Fireblade’s inline-four, the RVF1000 will use a 200bhp, 1000cc V4 and styling would mirror Honda’s MotoGP bikes. With Aprilia also working on their own 1,000cc V-four engine, which they claim will make more than 210 horsepower in race trim, maybe the V4 config is getting all set to make a big comeback. Should be worth waiting for!

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