Friday, August 31, 2007

Motorcyclists to be penalized for making too much noise

Aftermarket exhaust? That'll be US$400 please, sir

MSNBC and Forbes have done stories on how American authorities are clamping down on motorcycle riders who fit aftermarket exhaust systems on their bikes, which often results in noise pollution. Here at Faster and Faster, we love fast bikes that sound good (reasonably fruity, but not ear-shatteringly loud...) but we suppose the noise threshold would be different for each individual. And i'ts understandable if non-riders don't want to put up with too much motorcycle noise...

Bill Wood, spokesperson for the AMA, says, 'From our perspective, this creates enormous problems for us because people notice the one motorcycle that makes a lot of noise, they don't notice the fifty that don't. So there's a perception that motorcycles are noisy.' While that may be correct, the US government is all set to come down heavily on those who insist on putting loud pipes on their bikes – there will be no getting away from hefty fines for such people.

We love Yoshimura and Akrapovic systems as much as you do, but the reality is, the days of aftermarket pipes may be numbered. Anyway, get the full stories on MSNBC and Forbes websites.

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Levon said...

I'm fine with that, I will be the first to acknowledge my own hearing loss from riding. I see no reason to subject non-riders to the same, like second-hand smoking. Loud pipes do not save lives, but loud horns may! I have modified so much, but I like the way a bike generally sounds. A bit of tweeking can almost always help, but too much seems to be irresistable for some, especially the cruiser set.

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