Thursday, August 16, 2007

Valentino Rossi: 'I'm being crucified...!'

Rossi says he's done no wrong, evaded no taxes

Rossi, who's currently being investigated by Italian authorities for alleged tax evasion, has finally responded and is making his stand very clear. The MotoGP superstar insists he's done no wrong and says he's been 'condemned before the right checks have been carried out.'

Says Rossi, 'I've been crucified and condemned even before any of the necessary checks have been carried out, as is often the case. I have been living in London for seven years, not a Disney city or a tax paradise on a small island. I chose London because I like the city, and for the demands of my occupation. It's clear to me that I've been exploited, probably because Italian taxes don't work in the same way as taxes in other countries like England. However, I think the authorities should resolve that difference amongst themselves rather than taking it out on me.'

He's had his troubles this year, but Rossi will be back!

So how does Rossi think this whole sorry episode is going to end? He says, 'The professionals who handle my income declarations have assured me that they respected the rules, as I have always asked them to do. This story will be over very soon.'

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