Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yamaha equip bikes with DataDotDNA theft protection

Once sprayed with microscopic DataDots (see bottom right hand corner in the pic above), bikes are essentially useless for thieving scum
According to a report on Gizmag, Yamaha are offering free DataDotDNA theft protection system on all their motorcycles, scooters and ATVs sold in Australia. The vehicles are 'sprayed' with the microscopic DataDots, which carry 'identifying information linking every part on the bike back to its original frame number.' This should make stolen bikes (and/or parts of stolen bikes) extremely difficult to sell, easy to trace and hence less attractive to motorcycle thieves. And to deter potential thieves, the bikes also carry a 'Protected by DataDotDNA' sticker.

More details on the the DataDot website here.
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What does this picture of an R1 have to do with anti-theft measures? Er... nothing! We just thought it was an interesting pic nevertheless...


Anonymous said...

Are stickers for sale separately? If, awareness spreads among the thieves stickers should be good enough. No!!

Anonymous said...

Suzuki dealers in the US are now offering DotGuard microdots as well as theft deterrent program.

These microdots are a cool way of identifying and protecting assets.

Microdots and other identification technologies are now being used to protect cars, motorcycles, laptops, and other assets. The rate of theft on the parts of these items continues to grow as alarming rates.

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