Friday, September 28, 2007

2008 BMW HP2 Sport: More pics and details

The 2008 BMW HP2 Sport - the one BMW that isn't scared of GSX-Rs!

Yesterday, you saw MCN’s first ride video of the awesome 2008 BMW HP2 Sport, and now we have new pictures of the bike. This bike, along with BMW’s decision to go racing in World Superbikes in 2009 (with an all-new four-cylinder machine…), shows just how serious the Bavarian company is about taking on the R1s and GSX-Rs of this world.

As is already known, the BMW HP2 Sport is based on the BMW R1200S, though in the former, the boxer twin gets new cylinder heads, with double overhead cams and bigger valves. Along with its new forged pistons, new con-rods, and new stainless steel exhaust system, the 1170cc twin makes a respectable 130 – 140 horsepower and 115Nm of torque.

The HP2 Sport gets a six-speed close-ratio gearbox, and there’s also a quickshifter there to keep racer-types happy. Other fancy bits are Öhlins suspension, forged wheels, various carbonfibre parts, Brembo monoblock brakes with radially mounted four-piston calipers at the front, and a MotoGP-style digital dashboard. ABS is optional.

With this all-singing, all-dancing HP2 Sport, BMW should indeed be able to make people – especially the Japanese and Italian factories – sit up and take note. Yes sir, BMW are back, and how!


Anonymous said...

of all the 2008 bikes I've seen on your blog, the BMW HP2 Sport is by far the most amazing. it's a rocking, awesome machine. BMW, you've seen the light, you're ON! God, please, I want one of these... :-D

phreak-ish99 said...

the hp2 sport is pure horn. I mean, it doesn't matter if it can't keep up with a GSX-R1000. the fact that the HP2 Sport looks so cool, so exclusive and it's so different from everything else - that makes it a winner in my book. good on ya Bimmer!

The.Blade.Runner said...

this bike is just unreal! I'm not a fan of BMW motos, but the HP2 Sport is something else again. I won't be trading in my Fireblade just yet, but in the next 5 years I can see myself buying a BMW. If the wife allows it of course.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

amazing bike. just pure horn. another 2 - 3 years and I suppose BMW will be gunning for GSX-Rs and R1s and Fireblades. Bring 'em on then... :-)

fastsmith said...

old and antiquated boxer engine but yes, the bike still looks hot. would I buy an HP2 Sport. No, I love my 2003 R1 too much for that. would I love to have a go on a mate's HP2 Sport? YES, PLEASE!

BTW, what's happening with BMW's 4-cylinder superbike, the one with which they are supposed to go sbk racing in 2009?

Anonymous said...

Looks great. But a little more over-wrought style-wise, over the nice looking R1200S.

New DOHC heads look fantastic, and are somehow shorter. nice.

Paralever III, great, forged wheels, nicer exhaust than the R12S. All great stuff.

But WHY NO DUOLEVER (Hossack)? Lighter, stiffer, better performance, why on earth does this relatively light and sporty, track-tuned bike not have it? Use a modified paralever lower arm, and another new arm above that on a new head-stock frame, and use the K12 front uprights... how hard would that be for BMW?

Then they could put the variable suspension managment, and all that on it, too. I would love a sporty DOHC R-bike with the Duolever/Paralever pair-up, and ohlins dampers. A lighter, shorter bike than the K12 series could possibly be, and not second place to the K12 in suspension technology.

solidius/chue said...

I am the one that will be the successor in riding that bike.
i know that bike is destined for me. just look at it calling out my name. just thinking about it and looking/seeing it is sooo orgasmic.
i'll wait till it lowers the price.
then BAM.
that bike will be mine!

The Monkey Farmer said...

If anyone is interested, A&S BMW has posted a couple unboxing/uncrateing videos on their site of one of the BMW HP2 Sport cool bikes they just got in.

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