Monday, September 03, 2007

Cool concept: Yamaha Air Tricker

The Yamaha Air Tricker - a cross between a BMX bike and a motorcycle

Designed as a cross between a mountain bike and a motorcycle, the Yamaha Air Tricker sure looks cool. First shown back in 2005, the Tricker concept is powered by a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke, five-valve 249cc engine and has a five-speed gearbox.

The 88kg bike can seat one person, and runs on 21-inch (front) and 18-inch (rear) wheels, shod with dual-purpose tyres. The handlebar can turn a full 360-degrees and the chassis is made of carbonfibre. There’s also BMX-style Ohlins front forks and semi side link rear suspension, both of which were specifically engineered for this bike.

Yamaha wanted to build a bike that's easy to wheelie, hence the Tricker. Cool!

The objective with this bike, say Yamaha, was to provide the ultimate city commuter which would also allow less experienced riders to pop safe, low-speed wheelies and perform other simple tricks. Yes, we want one please…!

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Bram said...

Yamaha already sells the regular Tricker (non-Air version) is Europe.
It's handle bars will not do a 360, with the essence of the two bikes is pretty similar. Read more about the Trickler at this site:

Rasmus Bruun DK said...

hey .
are there any chance that the tricker air model will be launched on the marked? mabye as a not road legal fun bike?.

- Rasmus Bruun, DK.

Anonymous said...

Yamaha Tricker (air version) I wish they'd stop taking years and years wetting our apetite with these concept bikes and get them into production. I'd like to have the opportunity to buy them before we are all banned from using petrol machines by those so called green nutters.

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