Saturday, September 08, 2007

Puerto Rico passes oppressive new laws for motorcyclists

Okay, so you can't ride bikes dressed like this anymore. Not in Puerto Rico

According to a report on the AMA website, Puerto Rico has passed ‘strict new laws regulating motorcyclists.’ Motorcycle riders in Puerto Rico will now be required to wear not only a helmet, ‘but also gloves, boots, and long pants.’ And that’s not enough – after dark, riders must also wear a reflective vest!

The report says that in some ways, ‘the law is even more restrictive than the requirements on many US military bases.’ On our part, we don’t understand what the f%*& this is all about. First it was Canada, where motorcyclists can now be fined more than US$9,000 and jailed for six months, for alleged ‘street racing.’ Then the US, which is now in the process of outlawing all aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems. And now Puerto Rico comes up with this.

Aren’t there enough rapists, murderers, goons, scammers and other outstanding members of the society who warrant the authorities’ attention? Are there too many bureaucrats with not enough work? Why the f*#% should motorcyclists be subjected to all this crap? Jesus f%&*ing Christ!

Get the full story on the AMA website here.

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