Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bourget Shredder F-80: 425bhp, V8-powered Quad!

Looks cool, eh? It also costs US$90,000...!
Pic: The Kneeslider

Bourget’s Bike Works
claim that their Shredder F-80 is ‘The industry’s first limited production V8 powered quadracycle,’ which will be available to discerning buyers from January 2008 onwards. For a mere US$90,000 if we may add.

The company press release says the Shredder F-80 has ‘The open riding position similar to a motorcycle, but the ride, performance, and handling of a high-end sports car,’ and that ‘The Shredder bridges the gap of these two types of vehicles, appealing to many buyers wanting to ride a bike without the risk and worries of balancing on two wheels.’ Oh, well.

The Bourget Shredder F-80 is powered by a 425 horsepower Chevrolet V8, and is fitted with automatic transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, 17-inch wheels and aluminium bodywork. It costs US$90,000 and only 25 units of the F-80 will be built every year.

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first_synn said...

Too mad they couldn't afford a real designer.

Lasermax said...

Another expensive quad. Yawn. I appreciate seeing what everyone's doing out there, and I'm sure some creative engineering and talent went into it, but I don't understand that direction. What are you going to do with a $90,000 quad other than kill yourself on it? I don't imagine it's even street legal. At least someone's workin. I hope Tom Cruise buys it.

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