Monday, October 01, 2007

From Finland: Honda CBR1100XX Turbo!

220 horsepower? Coming right up...

With a turbocharger and nitrous, this is one Honda CBR1100XX which even Hayabusas and ZZR1400s would be wary of!
Pics: Super Streetbike

What bike would you need to be able to keep up with your Hayabusa / ZZR1400 riding neighbour? Surely not a Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird? Yes indeed, if you live in Finland and if your name is Teemu Erpolku, you’ll take your Honda to Taistelija Osakeyhti, who’ll transform your nice, civilized sports-tourer into something that can live with the Hayabusas and ZZR1400s of this world!

Taistelija Osakeyhti builds high-performance custom bikes for adrenaline junkies. Based in Helsinki, Osakeyhti’s company, Fighter Incorporated takes standard bikes and converts them into fire-breathing monsters. The CBR1100XX you see here has been converted into a 220 horsepower ‘Dragmoto’ via the addition of a ProBoost turbocharger and nitrous. Front forks are from a Ducati 748, bodywork is from an old Suzuki GSX-R1100, the seat unit is off a Yamaha R6, and swingarm, wheels and exhaust are all custom-made.

More details on the Super Streetbike website here.
(You could also try visiting Taistelija Osakeyhti's website here, though the site did not seem to be working when we tried going there.)

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fanboy7 said...

no, a turbo isn't the solution. honda should have released a 1200-1300cc Blackbird by now, to take on the hayabusa and the zzr14. it's a disappointment that honda have let the cbr1100xx languish while kawasaki and suzuki have gone ahead with their updated megabikes.

Anonymous said...

this turbo bird is ok but where is the 1200cc super blackbird which honda have been promising for years? come on honda, do a hayabusa / zzr rivalling super sports tourer. show 'em you can do it! :-)

Anonymous said...

amazing bike but just how useful are these hopped up, stretched out limos on the street? you can't really use any of their performance, can you? I guess a cbr600 would outrun this Super Blackbird in the real word.. ;-)

Anonymous said...


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