Friday, October 05, 2007

Yamaha Tesseract: Japanese! Weird! Cool!

...and the Yamaha Tesseract ran away from the Transformers movie set!

Yamaha have released pics and details of some of the weird concept bikes they’ll be showing at the upcoming 40th Tokyo Motor Show. The most interesting of these seems to be the Tesseract, a four-wheeled ‘motorcycle.’ Probably dreamt up by a bunch of Yamaha engineers on a night when the sake was really flowing, the Tesseract is a hybrid – powered by an electric motor and a regular v-twin petrol engine.

But the Tesseract’s ‘dual-scythe’ suspension is where the real action is. This thing allows the bike to lean like a regular motorcycle while cornering, while allowing it to remain upright on its own (without the rider needing to put his feet down…) while standing still. We don’t know why anyone should need any of this - a regular R1 works just fine for us - but the Tesseract sure does look funky as hell, like it just walked off the sets of Transformers

Honda say they are going to fit the DN-01 with 'human friendly transmission' and put the bike into production. Surely, they cannot be serious?

Of course, if Yamaha are doing weird, Honda can’t be too far behind. So they’ve gone ahead and announced that they’ll be putting the DN-01 concept (shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show) into production. And if you don’t fancy the DN-01’s spaced-out styling, get this – the bike will feature what Honda call ‘Human Friendly Transmission.’

HTF uses Honda’s infinitely variable hydraulic mechanical transmission and will work like an intelligent automatic gearbox found on some of the better cars these days. It will have two separate auto modes for ‘normal’ and ‘sporty’ riding, and third mode where the gearbox can be used as a conventional six-speed manual. Why such electro-gimmickry on a bike that seems to be about as sporty as a Goldwing...? No, we'll take a Fireblade after all, thanks very much.

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Anonymous said...

weird it may be, but wouldn't you want to blow past your in-laws' Volvo, riding the yam tesseract?

Anonymous said...

I used to think the Piaggio MP3 and Gilera Fuoco are wonderful, but this Yamaha Tesseract is way beyond anything else! Who cares if it 'makes sense' or not, just give me one NOW! ;)

stealth69 said...

The Tessie is just so totally cool... who wouldn't want to ride this thing? Wish I could sell my five year old cbr600 and get one of these things

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