Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hayden and Pedrosa test the 2008 Honda RC212V

Can the Repsol Hondas topple Stoner-Ducati in 2008? We wouldn't bet on it...

MotoGP ex-world champ Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa started testing the 2008 Honda RC212V at Valencia yesterday. Among other things, the new Honda racebike features a heavily reworked V4 with pneumatic valve springs, an all-new chassis and a new exhaust system.

‘There's not so much I can say after just a few laps but the seating position is different, yet the actual riding position feels about the same. The tendency to wheelie was a lot less and the pitch of the weight, front to rear, was more controlled and not so aggressive on the brakes,’ said Hayden, who put in about 20 laps on the new bike.

The 2008 Honda RC212V has a revised V4 with pneumatic valve springs...

‘At the moment I can't say too much about the performance or lap times because it's early days. The speed was okay and there is a difference in how the new engine feels through the revs, but again, it's too early to draw any real conclusions,’ said Pedrosa.

The Repsol Honda team will need to do all they can to beat the Stoner-Ducati combo in 2008. The 2007 MotoGP world champ was also out testing his new Ducati at Valencia, and he was faster than everybody else on the day! His teammate at Ducati for 2008, Marco Melandri was almost two seconds behind Stoner, which probably shows that Stoner will still be the man to beat next year…

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