Friday, November 02, 2007

A lighter, faster Hypermotard: The NCR Leggera!

A more 'hyper' Hypermotard? That'd be the NCR Leggera!

What’s better than a Ducati Hypermotard? Erm… well, a lot of things really! But in the context of the NCR Leggera, probably a lighter, faster Ducati Hypermotard. Built by tuning specialists NCR, the Leggera, which weighs in at a mere 157 kilos, is a souped-up, smartened-up and lightened Hypermotard.

Powered by Ducati's 1100cc, 90bhp v-twin, the NCR Leggera, which will be homologated for street use, gets a trellis frame made of titanium, Zard silencers, fully adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. For those who want more power to go with the show, you can buy engine kits from NCR Corse – choose between 1160cc, 125bhp and 1200cc, 132bhp upgrades...

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