Sunday, December 30, 2007

Michael Scott interviews Valentino Rossi

So is no. 46 going to get back on top in 2008? You bet!
A few weeks ago, eminent moto-journalist Michael Scott spoke to The Doctor. Says Scott, ‘For the first time, it was necessary to ask some awkward questions. How does it feel to get beaten? How punishing has the year been to your commitment? How much longer have you got?’ Rossi, of course, replies in his own inimitable style. Here are some excerpts:

On 2007 being a difficult year
‘For sure, is a difficult year. Last year also I didn’t win, but more for being unlucky. I was faster, and I was the man that won more GPs. This year, I’m not faster, so the situation was different. But we have to understand what happened, and why, and try to fix the problem for next year.’

On whether it’s getting harder as he gets olderFor me, I don’t think so. I think I’m as fast as five or six years ago, and I think I have another two or three years at the top.’

On Casey Stoner‘I had in my career a lot of great rivals, I think. Stoner is one them – very, very fast, younger, and especially he is strong on the track. We have good battles, but no problems away from the track. It is good like this for the sport.’

On Jorge Lorenzo, his teammate at Yamaha for 2008‘I think that Yamaha make this movement to take Lorenzo, too early. So I have to demonstrate that I’m faster than him. I always beat my teammates. Lorenzo will arrive as two-times world champion, so for sure he arrives with the target to beat me. But he has to demonstrate a lot more than me.’

On whether it’s possible for riders to remain friends‘With Barros I fight for five or six years, but we are good friends. So if nothing strange happen, is possible. Not real friends – like in your life, you have five real friends – but a good relationship, yes.’

On the changes he’d want in MotoGP‘Back to 990. The change was for safety, but for sure for the taste and for the race, the 990 was better. And make the ECU all the same, and without traction control, which is a lot better for the control of the riders.’
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