Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nitin Design: The Dacoit is set to roam the streets

Ready to deal with street thugs? The Dacoit is your bike then!
Pics: Motoblog
The UK-based Nitin Khosa, head of Nitin Design, has come up with this rather interesting concept – the Dacoit. The concept bike is actually five years old, but it’s only now that Nitin, who’s of Indian origin, has decided to develop it further. The Dacoit is supposed to be an aggressive bike – the ‘street thug’ of motorcycles.

Nitin says ‘I was tidying up my art studio and came across some sketches that I had done more than five years ago. The brief at that time had been to design a bike for a thirty-something ‘born again’ biker who wanted a stunning, aggressive, and evil looking bike.’

‘The original spark for this concept had come from seeing a hooded man. When viewing the front portion of the bike, you can see an evil figure whose eyes are peeping from underneath the hood. To compliment this evil and aggressive design I named the bike ‘Dacoit,’ an old Hindi word for a class of robbers in India who act in gangs and are usually armed and dangerous,’ he adds.

‘The single-seat Dacoit is designed for pure, selfish pleasure. It is not a full-blown sports bike,’ says Nitin. Hmmm… we don’t suppose this bike is going into production anytime soon. But it would be interesting to see a game developer pick up this concept bike and use it in a dark, edgy game with lurid, manga-style graphics, scantily-clad chicks, murderous thugs and lots of street racing…
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