Friday, December 28, 2007

Wakan 1640: A racing cruiser?!

An OHV v-twin-powered 'racing' cruiser? Only in France...

We first wrote about the Wakan 1640 cruiser in August last year. Powered by a 1640cc, 115bhp S&S v-twin, this was a rather eccentric cruiser from France, we thought at that time. There was no more news of Wakan after that, but today, on Motoblog, we read about the racing version of the Wakan 1640 cruiser. Yeah, a racing cruiser, and a French-made one at that!

The spec is pretty ordinary – 1640cc OHV v-twin that makes 115bhp at 6250rpm, Keihin flatslide downdraft carburetion, and five-speed gearbox. Where it gets slightly more interesting is the chassis and suspension – chrome-molybdenum tubular frame, 46mm Ceriani USD forks and ZF Sachs rear shock. The bike is fitted with Marchesini forged aluminium wheels, dry weight is 177 kilos and top speed is a claimed 250km/h. We still can’t figure out who would want one. More details on the Wakan website here.

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