Saturday, February 24, 2007

Could Fiat sponsor Rossi and Yamaha in 2007 and 2008?

Could this be coming to a MotoGP circuit near you?

With tobacco sponsorship money on its way out, who’ll bankroll Yamaha’s MotoGP team in 2007? According to Italian website Motorbox, it could be Fiat! And why not – with Rossi on board with Yamaha, it would make sense for Fiat to back the man from Tavullia. Then again, if not Fiat, could it be Google? We really don’t know. Just enjoy these pictures and for the full story (in Italian…), visit Motorbox here.

Search this!

Note: Both the images here have been taken from Motorbox, a brilliant site for motorcycle enthusiasts who can read Italian...

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Update (06.03.2007): It’s true after all – Fiat are indeed sponsporing the Yamaha MotoGP team, which will now be called the Fiat Yamaha Team. The Fiat Automobiles SpA sponsorship deal has been inked for 2007 and 2008, and together with Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi, the Italians could be destined for greatness this year and the next.

Says Fiat Yamaha Team Director Davide Brivio, “It’s a new start for us – a new bike, a new sponsor and a new challenge as we try to win back the title!” Sure thing, Brivio. Just make sure you give Rossi a bike that can beat the Ducatis on top speed...

It's official! Fiat and Yamaha have joined forces for 2007 and 2008

Rizla Suzuki unveil the new XRG0 GSV-R800

John Hopkins' office for 2007...!

Rizla Suzuki recently showed the new GSV-R800 at Jerez, in Spain. Codenamed XRG0, this 2007 MotoGP machine gets what Rizla Suzuki say is a retro inspired paintjob, and Rizla Suzuki riders John Hopkins and Chris Vermeulen also get the same theme on their racing suits.

For the GSV-R800, Suzuki have followed the fundamental engine layout of the 2006 990cc machine, but the new engine’s bore, stroke and cylinder pitch have been redesigned and optimised for the 800cc engine displacement. Rizla Suzuki say that the aim was to ‘achieve the best possible horsepower and reliable high rpm operation, and to provide the riders with user friendly power delivery and predictable engine character.’

The GSV-R800 also gets a new Mitsubishi ECU, and is said to produce around 220 horsepower at 17,500rpm. Chassis layout and wheelbase length have remained the same as on the XRE4, the last 990cc MotoGP bike, while the fairing has been redesigned for better high speed stability.

Now let’s see what the bike does on the 10th of March, when the 2007 MotoGP season kicks off in Qatar!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yamaha Fazer: Totally Hot!

Who'd have thought the Yamaha Fazer could be one of the hottest bikes on the planet right now...

We don’t much care for the Yamaha Fazer on most days (give us this R1 anytime…!), but with the very delectable Dannii Minogue draped all over this one, we thought you’d want to look.

2008 Moto Morini MM3 to go into production soon

The MM3 will pack 125bhp, and a load of gizmos...

First shown at the EICMA show in Milan in 2006, the Moto Morini MM3 is now all set to go into production. Though the MM3 has vague off-road/dual-purpose bike styling cues, it’s very much a street-oriented sportsbike and is perhaps similar to bikes like the 2007 Triumph Tiger, the Benelli TreK, and the Ducati Multistrada 1100.

Looks all right, eh?

The Moto Morini MM3 will be fitted with an 1187cc twin-cylinder engine that makes a healthy 125 horsepower. The more interesting thing, for some, would be that the MM3 will also feature high-tech electro-trickery like fly-by-wire throttle control, anti-lock brakes and even traction control. Take that, all you Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Yamaha R1 owners! No word on pricing and availability yet, but stay tuned.

Moto Morini have been building bikes and painting them red for a long time. This is a Moto Morini 175GT, from 1959!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ducati 1098 wins Motorcycle Design Association’s 'Best Design Of 2006' award

Oh yeah, the 1098 looks good!

have received the Best Design of 2006 award for their new 1098 superbike, from the Motorcycle Design Association (MDA). The MDA was established in 2001, by noted freelance motorcycle designer Glynn Kerr, and Francois-Marie Dumas. Today, MDA comprises of around 120 motorcycle industry designers.

MDA members, clearly besotted by the lines penned by the Ducati 1098’s designer, Gianadrea Fabbro, voted the bike as best in its class within the Supersport category, and also the overall best design of 2006. This is the second year in succession when Ducati have won this award, with the 2005 trophy going to the Ducati Hypermotard.

The Jury for this award comprised of motorcycle designers, journalists and representatives from various motorcycle manufacturers.

Ducati 1098R Ducati 1098R Ducati 1098R

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Riding Impression: 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000

King of the litre-bike class in 2007? Quite possibly...

The very lucky people at Motorcycle Daily have ridden the 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000, which makes an absolutely mind-boggling 190 horsepower with ram-air-assist. MD’s Jordi Aymamí rode the new bike at the Phillip Island circuit in Australia, and apparently, he was blown away by the experience.

With so much power on tap, the 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is rightly fitted with S-MDS (Suzuki Mode Drive Selector), which lets a rider choose between three power levels: full power throughout the rev range, full power at the top end, but reduced power at low and medium revs, and reduced power throughout the rev range. These settings and the S-MDS system – often referred to as a form of traction control – lets riders deal with wet weather and/or slippery road conditions.

With 190bhp available, even expert riders might struggle to cope in full-power mode

Aymamí says that 2007 GSX-R1000’s chassis is lighter and more compact than the one on the older model, though the bike has gained a few kilos overall. “The swingarm is stronger and the fork has been improved a lot by a highly elaborate antifriction treatment, as well as both high and low speed compression damping adjustments. The new brakes feature 310mm discs clamped by four-piston, radial mounted calipers, powered by a radial master cylinder,” says Aymamí.

How’s the bike to ride? Aymamí says, “This new superbike feels much lighter, changes directions far easier and initiates turn-in more quickly than its predecessor, but we noticed that it drifted wide on corner exits. Nonetheless, this improved when we increased fork compression damping.” And how does the full-power-everywhere mode feel? “The new GSX-R1000 puts out so much power in position A that even the excellent Bridgestone BT-015 production tyres cannot maintain grip on aggressive corner exits…,” says Aymamí.

With the 2007 Yamaha R1 and the Ducati 1098 to contend with, we still don’t whether the new Gixxer will be top dog in the litre-class superbike segment this year. But if it turns out to be that way, we wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

Go here for Motorcycle Daily’s full riding impression of the 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

MCN's 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 test ride video!

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Chris Pfeiffer wins Indoor Streetbike Freestyle World Championship in Zurich

Chris Pfeiffer in action...

BMW rider, 35-year-old Chris Pfeiffer has won the first Indoor Streetbike Freestyle World Championship during an event conducted at the Swiss-Moto Motorcycle, Scooter and Tuning Exhibition in Zurich.

Riding a BMW F800 as usual, Pfeiffer competed against 16 other riders, coming from nine countries, and won every single round on his way to winning the championship! Former World Stunt Riding Champion,
AC Farias from Brazil took second place, while Joni Tammela from Finland took third.

The BMW F800. Pfeiffer uses this bike in all his stunt riding

Said Pfeiffer, “I have to say that I wasn't expecting to find such a high calibre of riders capable of performing in such a limited space. The evolution of the riders in terms of their technical abilities is skyrocketing. We had 16 top riders from the US and all parts of Europe, and none of them had any problems in performing in the available space, which was only 54x15 metres! Tricks that were considered almost impossible just a short time ago have now become standard for many of the top athletes.”

Go here for more pics of Chris Pfeiffer in action!

And here's a video of the stuntmeister Pfeiffer, doing what he does best!

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