Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blown away: Supercharged Kawasaki ZRX1200!

Just imagine the supercharger howl.... This bike looks AWESOME!!!

We had showed you some pics of this supercharged Kawasaki ZRX1200 last year. Now, Sport Rider have a riding impression of the bike on their website here. Kent Kunitsugu, who rode the bike, says the ZRX ‘cranks out 200 horsepower and 9-second quarter-miles, and is as docile as a kitten and runs on pump gas!’

200bhp, 9-second quarter-mile times. Impressive, eh?

The bike itself is a 2003 model ZRX1200 that’s been fitted with an Eaton 45-cubic-inch Roots-type supercharger. Why a supercharger and not a turbo? Because the owner wanted a bike ‘that would haul ass without having to put up with low-speed rideability and ground clearance problems.’

Get the full story on the Sport Rider website here.

More reasons to love big, beautiful Kawasakis...!

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Update (12th September 2007):
2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: First pics and details!

New bikes from MV Agusta in 2008

This is last year's MV Agusta F4 CC. Hugely expensive. Ultra exclusive. Very powerful, very fast. Can it be beaten by what MV will show this year?

With a host of international motorcycle shows coming up over the next few months, manufacturers are getting ready to show their 2008 bikes. The rumours are, of course, keeping one step ahead. One such rumour is that MV Agusta are all set to show a brand-new 600cc supersports machine this year! There’s also talk of freshened-up styling for the F4 1000 and the range-topping 1098cc, 200bhp F4 R 312.

The current Brutale 910 may be replaced with a 1000cc version for 2008, and there may also be an all-new Brutale 750

The Brutale 910 is expected to be replaced with a Brutale 1000, which will use the 1000cc, 175bhp inline-four from the existing F4. And there may be a Brutale 750 once again, which will be powered by an all-new 750cc inline-four. But we'll have to wait for another month or two to see how things actually pan out in the real world...

Rothmans MV Agusta F4 Rothmans MV Agusta F4 Rothmans MV Agusta F4

Friday, August 10, 2007

Video: Supercharged Triumph Rocket III

Hide the GSX-Rs and the Fireblades, a supercharged Rocket III is coming...
(video courtesy MCN)

The stock Triumph Rocket III is powered by a 2.3-litre, three-cylinder engine that makes 142 horsepower and 200Nm of torque. That was not enough for some people however, who've gone ahead and bolted a supercharger on the thing. The bike sounds completely insane and goes like nothing else we've seen. Madness... :-D

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Duel: Yamaha WRF 450 vs Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Rally car vs supermotard. Yes!

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Valentino Rossi faces tax evasion charges!

Rossi: "I don't want to hear a word of this..."

It seems this just isn't The Doctor's year. First, Casey Stoner has been giving him hell. And now Italian authorities are investigating Rossi for tax evasion. Rossi (who, as we earlier reported, is one of the highest earning sports stars in the world) is being investigated for undisclosed earnings amounting to about US$80 million which he is said to have earned between the years 2000 and 2004.

Not that Rossi is the first or the only MotoGP rider who's faced such an investigation. Fellow Italian, Loris Capirossi has also faced similar charges earlier.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yamaha EC-02: Two-wheeled transport, circa 2027?

Buy an R1 while you still can. Within twenty years, this is all that Yamaha might be selling...

First shown back in 2005, the Yamaha EC-02 is a battery-powered scooter that's treated with a film which, er... glows in the dark. Why? 'The technology enables the exterior to give a more vividly stereoscopic impression of the three-dimensional shape of any surface treated with the film,' said one report from Japan. Unable to recognise scooters as three-dimensional objects? There you are, sorted!

Apart from its night-glow tech and iPod compatibility, the EC-02 is your usual battery-powered scooter that weighs 47 kilos, has a range of 40km and a top speed of 30km/h. Batteries take six hours to charge. Park it out in the sun during the day, and the film covering the EC-02 gets all charged up and glows in the night. Not weird enough for you? Take a look at the Suzuki Choi Nori and the Gamax Spillo then. Or go here for some more wild and wonderful gadgets from Japan. And finally, though we don't expect too many of our readers to be Japanese schoolgirls, if you are one, do go here.

And here's another take on the future of two-wheeled transport. This is Axle Corporation's electric scooter concept shown last year. It's powered by a hybrid magnetic motor, can do 180km on one charge and can hit a top speed of 150km/h! The batteries take only six hours to charge fully. If this is the future, well, it isn't too bad...

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Cracking Confederate: F131 Hellcat Combat

The B120 Wraith

If you’ve seen pictures of their bikes, you’ll probably agree that the Alabama, US-based Confederate Motor Company builds some absolutely rocking motorcycles. They claim their bikes ‘celebrate the art of rebellion,’ and that ‘Confederate machines evoke principled individuality through simple, pure, minimal, skeletal form language, which is at once, technical and primitive.’ For once, this is not marketing-inspired shtick – the bikes really do what it says on the cover.

To start with, there’s the B120 Wraith, which is billed as ‘the world's most luxurious, sporting two-wheeled device.’ With 125 horsepower from its v-twin, carbonfibre monocoque chassis, single-sided swingarm, double wishbone front suspension, titanium monoshock, LED lamps and belt drive, this is not your everyday cruiser. Only 250 are being built.

The F131 Hellcat

Next up is the F131 Hellcat. The bike packs a 140-horsepower v-twin, and the backbone downtube, cradle-based chassis utilizes the engine as a stressed member. The swingarm features an integrated exhaust system and power is transferred to the rear wheel via a belt drive mechanism. There’s 50mm Marzocchi USD forks at front, adjustable dual Penske shocks at back and the wheels are made of carbonfibre. Still not enough? Get the range-topping, limited edition, F131 Hellcat Combat. With reworked engine and suspension, the Combat has a bit more power and handles better than the ‘ordinary’ Hellcat. If you want a Confederate, this seems to be the one to buy!

Confederate's latest, the Renovatio Project...

Finally, there’s the Renovatio Project on which Confederate are now working. It’s minimalist design coupled with a 1686cc, 150bhp v-twin (190bhp if you take the optional supercharger!), girder-type multi-link front suspension (made of titanium and carbonfibre), single-sided swingarm, LED lamps, and carbonfibre wheels.

These bikes certainly aren’t a part of mainstream motorcycling, but as a showcase for engineering talent and unconventional thought, the Confederate machines would be hard to beat! More details and technical specifications on the Confederate website here.

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Honda: V4 revival in 2008-2009!

Honda VFR800
Honda may finally be ready to move beyond the VFR800 and develop a whole new range of V4-engined sports, touring and even dual-purpose motorcycles

According to Spanish website Solomoto, we may see a resurgence of Honda’s legendary V4-powered bikes over the next two years. While the 1980s and 90s V4 Honda RC30 and RC45 are considered to be all-time performance bike greats, the current VFR800 sports-tourer simply isn’t in the same league. Its variable-valve-timing (VTEC) system has been criticized for its erratic performance, and the bike has steadily lost ground to newer, more sophisticated rivals.

Honda are now expected to build a non-VTEC, 1000cc V4 which will power their new VFR1000 sports-tourer. And unlike the existing VFR800, the new bike is likely to have USD forks at front, Honda’s Unit ProLink system at the back, and radially-mounted brakes with ABS.

Solomoto even say that the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade may give way to an all-new RVF1000 by 2009. Instead of the Fireblade’s inline-four, the RVF1000 will use a 200bhp, 1000cc V4 and styling would mirror Honda’s MotoGP bikes. With Aprilia also working on their own 1,000cc V-four engine, which they claim will make more than 210 horsepower in race trim, maybe the V4 config is getting all set to make a big comeback. Should be worth waiting for!