Saturday, November 03, 2007

First pics: 2008 BMW F800GS!

The first official pictures of the much-awaited BMW F800GS...!

R1200GS a bit too much for you? The F800GS might fit the bill then

And these (from left) are the first pics of the 2008 BMW F650GS, R1200GS Adventure and the G450X

More pics and details of these 2008 BMWs to follow next week...

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The legendary MV Agusta 500 racer, ridden to dozens of race wins and world championships by the great Giacomo Agostini, is now on display at the Stamford Museum. Visit their website here. More details on the bike here.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A lighter, faster Hypermotard: The NCR Leggera!

A more 'hyper' Hypermotard? That'd be the NCR Leggera!

What’s better than a Ducati Hypermotard? Erm… well, a lot of things really! But in the context of the NCR Leggera, probably a lighter, faster Ducati Hypermotard. Built by tuning specialists NCR, the Leggera, which weighs in at a mere 157 kilos, is a souped-up, smartened-up and lightened Hypermotard.

Powered by Ducati's 1100cc, 90bhp v-twin, the NCR Leggera, which will be homologated for street use, gets a trellis frame made of titanium, Zard silencers, fully adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. For those who want more power to go with the show, you can buy engine kits from NCR Corse – choose between 1160cc, 125bhp and 1200cc, 132bhp upgrades...

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moto Guzzi Stelvio ready to take on BMW R1200GS!

Looks interesting and with its 100bhp twin-cylinder engine, should go hard. Best Guzzi in a long, long time? Probably...

You’ve already seen various ‘scoop’ pics of the Moto Guzzi Stelvio and now here’s the real deal – the first official pics of the much-awaited dual-purpose machine from Guzzi. Looks good, eh? For us, the Stelvio is the best looking bike from Guzzi in years.

Moto Guzzi say the Stelvio is a ‘Multi-purpose maxi-enduro machine that can adapt to all conditions’ and with its 1200cc, 8-valve, 100bhp opposed-twin, tubular steel chassis, 50mm USD forks, CA.R.C (reactive shaft drive) final drive, single-sided swingarm and crisp, snazzy styling, the Stelvio sure looks interesting.

While the Stelvio looks suitable for mild off-road excursions, Guzzi haven’t ignored the street/touring part of things either. The windscreen is adjustable for height and rake, the seats are adjustable, saddlebags are standard equipment, and brakes (with radial mount calipers at front) are said to be adequately powerful.

Should be interesting to see how the Stelvio does against bikes like the BMW R1200GS and the KTM 990 Adventure, as well as smaller bikes like the Honda XL700V Transalp and the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere…!

And here's a pic of the retro-styled 2008 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic, powered by an air-cooled, 750cc opposed-twin

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bourget Shredder F-80: 425bhp, V8-powered Quad!

Looks cool, eh? It also costs US$90,000...!
Pic: The Kneeslider

Bourget’s Bike Works
claim that their Shredder F-80 is ‘The industry’s first limited production V8 powered quadracycle,’ which will be available to discerning buyers from January 2008 onwards. For a mere US$90,000 if we may add.

The company press release says the Shredder F-80 has ‘The open riding position similar to a motorcycle, but the ride, performance, and handling of a high-end sports car,’ and that ‘The Shredder bridges the gap of these two types of vehicles, appealing to many buyers wanting to ride a bike without the risk and worries of balancing on two wheels.’ Oh, well.

The Bourget Shredder F-80 is powered by a 425 horsepower Chevrolet V8, and is fitted with automatic transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, 17-inch wheels and aluminium bodywork. It costs US$90,000 and only 25 units of the F-80 will be built every year.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Superbike mag makes the Suzuki B-King look good!

This is the best pic of the Suzuki B-King we've ever come across!
Pic: Superbike

Sure, it’s the most powerful naked musclebike around, but the Suzuki B-King isn’t exactly very good-looking, is it? Trust Superbike magazine to find a way to make it look good then! The British magazine have tested the Suzuki B-King in their November 2007 issue, and they are impressed with the bike’s capabilities. Here’s some of what they’ve said about the Big Suzuki:

'The B-King looks like a behemoth as you approach it – from any angle. But the King forgets its Henry VIII girth as soon as you start riding, transforming from a 240-kilo giant into a machine that possesses some GSX-R characteristics. With its low seat, agile handling and accurate steering, it’s astonishing to think that you’re on the same machine that you had to view in wide-angle minutes before.'

'Combine this with excellent power delivery from low revs, comfortable riding position and the fine ancillaries (the clutch is light, the gearbox is slick, the instrument display fancy and the mirrors... work) and the initial miles on the B-King are civil, well-mannered and incredibly refined.'

Brilliant, eh? The Suzuki B-King is just perfect!
With the Hayabusa's 1340cc inline-four, there's no dearth of stomp here...

'At the first hint of an open road, you can bury the throttle and be rewarded with acceleration that you rarely get with a normally aspirated motor. This 1,340cc motor pulls from just 1,000rpm in top, there’s a punt of power at 4,500rpm, a kick at 6,500rpm and then a riot of revs, noise, wind rush, and most importantly, speed, as the analogue tacho arm spins towards a crescendo at 10,500rpm. The blend of horsepower and torque is finely judged.'

'If you want a gentler introduction into the machine, then Suzuki utilise the S-DMS system as seen on the 2007 GSX-R1000. There’s two modes to choose from, A and B. A gives you the full power and all of the glory, while the B mode knocks everything back 30 percent, turning the machine into a B-Prince in the process. After sampling the undiluted strength of the motor, switching to B-mode is a bit like going to bed with one of the fit ones from Girls Aloud and waking up next to the ginger one, but I guess there’s a time and a place for it.'

'Like a good monarch, Suzuki’s B-King is powerful, communicative, fanatical but ready to mete out ruthless punishment if disrespected. Its followers will be devoted, its opponents cynical, and the hype has been worth the wait because I declare this King crowned.'
For the full road test of the 2008 Suzuki B-King, please buy a copy of the November 2007 issue of Superbike. To download older issues of the mag (in PDF format), go here!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Valentino Rossi’s Honda NSR500: One for the road!

The most wonderful Rossi-rep 'NSR500' we've ever seen...

Suzuki RG500 engine, RGV250 chassis and a truckload of time, effort, money and ingenuity gets you this - a MotoGP bike of your very own!

If you’ve always wanted a MotoGP bike of your own, you could possibly re-mortgage the house and get a Ducati Desmosedici RR. With its 990cc, 200bhp L4 engine, MotoGP-spec chassis and suspension components and utterly exquisite styling, the Desmosedici RR is the real deal, no question about that.

But what if you grew up watching Eddie Lawson, Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Rainey and Mick Doohan? What if you still can’t let go of those two-stroke memories? Well, if you are very well connected, have friends in the right places, and have a huge amount of money, talent and patience, you put together your very own year 2001-spec Rossi-replica NSR500, like the one you see here!

The bike you see here belongs to one Barry Jones of the UK. We came across his insanely gorgeous motorcycle on the PB forum and thought we must share the pics with you! The bike uses a Suzuki RG500 engine, with rebuilt cranks, new rotary valves and capacity upped to 570cc. The exhaust system was specially built for this bike, while the carbon-titanium cans are from Arrow. The six-speed gearbox and clutch are brand-new units.

The bike’s chassis is a reengineered Suzuki RGV250 unit with bracing added in various places and new suspension and engine mounts. All the work has been done by Spondon Engineering. Front forks are Ohlins units sourced from the Ducati WSBK Team (!!!) and rebuilt by K-tech, while the fully adjustable rear shock is also an Ohlins racing unit. Brakes are, again, from the Ducati WSBK Team – the front rotors have carbonfibre carriers, and the rear brake is thumb-operated. The owner says ‘You can stand the bike on its nose with one finger.’ But of course…

More pics of the Rossi-rep 'NSR500'. Yes, it's beyond awesome...

The swingarm is a heavily modified Yamaha R7 unit, with a carbonfibre hugger mounted on to it. Most fasteners used throughout the bike are made of titanium, and the ‘NSR500’ has been fitted with Marchesini magnesium wheels, shod with Michelin Pilot tyres. The bodywork, made of carbonfibre, was sourced from the Honda MotoGP team. In fact, the entire bike was put together by a guy who makes carbonfibre parts for F1 cars.

Whew! Without any doubt, this NSR500 racer-replica is the most beautiful bike we’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s not just the money that’s been spent on the thing – it’s the care and the thought that’s gone into putting it together. Everything seems to be beautifully finished and all the parts really gel very well with each other.

Honestly, if we had to choose between the Desmosedici RR and this one-off NSR500 Rossi-replica, we’d probably take the latter!

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More Specials:

Another one-off special which we found on the PB Forum. This one is based on Kevin Schwantz's 1989 Pepsi Suzuki RGV500 GP racebike. Very, very cool...

In 1989, although it was Eddie Lawson who won the 500cc world championship on his Rothmans Honda NSR500, it was Kevin Schwantz who was usually the most spectacular on the track. His 'win or die trying' style, on his no.34 Pepsi Suzuki, made for some awesome racing that year. This replica is a fitting tribute to the man and his bike

From left: More pics of yet another Suzuki RGV500 replica, and a Honda NSR250 painted in the legendary Rothmans colours. Two-strokes rule!