Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ablative Design and Swann Insurance: Promoting motorcycle safety

Sponsored by Swann Insurance, this bike is all about safety. But then it would be...
Pics: Motoblog

Back in August last year, a certain Mr Stoner had unveiled the ‘Motorcycle of the Future’ concept. Sponsored by Swann Insurance, and designed by Tim Cameron, the bike packs in a lot of rider safety-related features and one of the aims has been to limit damage to the motorcycle, during low-speed crashes.

The motorcycle has been conceptualized using ‘Ablative Design,’ which is all about protecting expensive or essential components on a motorcycle. Parts which are most likely to touch down in a low-speed crash are identified, and configured so they protect critical and expensive parts – typically the chassis, front forks, the radiator, and the engine.

In keeping with its Ablative Design thought, the Swann bike has been fitted with covers for the chassis, engine, exhaust system, fork lowers, and the radiator. The bike is fitted with ABS and there are various sensors which can alert riders to potential dangers. There are sensors for traction control, tyre pressure, sidestand deployment, blind spot warning, and proximity detection. Anti-theft features include an ignition immobiliser, microdot VIN coding and keyless start/stop.

It may be deathly dull, but the Swann bike sure does have some features which look at least reasonably useful. Get more details on the machine here. We’d still much rather ride this Rossi-replica NSR500 though!

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Apart from the Yamaha FZ150 and R15, and the Honda CBF Racing concept shown recently at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, India, there was also this Bajaj XCD Sprint 125, which looks quite good we think. More pics and info on Rearset

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