Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Buggy: The Fireblade-powered Rage R180RT

With 180bhp and 400-450kg kerb weight, this Rage R180RT is the right 'family car' for the Faster and Faster lot. Dunno what the family would say though...

It creators, the UK-based Rage Motorsport, say that the R180RT is ‘effectively three vehicles in one – an extreme performance road car, a track car, and an off road racer.’ We think this mad… creation, fitted with the 180bhp Honda Fireblade engine – is the ‘family car’ for those who’d rather have a litre-class superbike anyway.

Fully assembled, the R180RT costs about US$47,000 – quite a big chunk of money for a kit car! But then this car (okay, buggy...) is fitted with the Fireblade's 180bhp inline-four, mated to a Quaife six-speed (plus one reverse) manual-shift gearbox. The chassis is tubular spaceframe, which Rage claim has been ‘tested beyond FIA standards.’

The R180RT rides on 13-inch alloys, shod with Yokohama 185/60 (front) and 205/60 (rear) rubber. Suspension is double wishbone all around, with adjustable, gas-charged dampers. Steering is a rack-and-pinion arrangement, with 1.7 turns lock to lock. Kerb weight figures are not available, but we guess it would be around 400-450 kilos. So with 180bhp driving the rear wheels, performance should be eye opening…

While the R180RT is supplied to customers in tarmac trim, by replacing the road springs with off-road units, increasing the ride height and fitting off-road tyres, Rage claim that you will have a vehicle ‘that can offer WRC performance on a rally stage and the hill climbing ability of a mountain goat.’ You still don’t get a heater or a stereo though, so make up your mind if you really want one...!

Visit the Rage Motorsport website for more details.

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And here's a Rage Buggy in action. This is a smaller, less powerful model and not the R180RT, but still looks like a huge amount of fun...

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