Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hot Dreams specials to be shown at Barcelona exhibition

It's called 'Vegas Loser,' and it costs more than an MV Agusta F41000...
From left: Born to Run, Ramera and Guindilla. Nice names, eh? ;-)

Based in Marbella, Spain, Ferry Clot has been in the motorcycle customization biz since the early-1990s. His outfit, Hot Dreams, specializes in crafting exotic motorcycles, some of which will be shown at an exhibition – The Art of the Motorcycle – which will be held in Barcelona later this month.

The bikes shown include the Born to Run, Guindilla, Ramera and Vegas Looser. Yeah, not your regular motorcycle names, but these aren’t regular bikes. The Guindilla, for example, won the 'Modified Harley' category at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the US last year. And dedicated to one of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, the Born to Run was sold for a bit more than US$100,000!

For more details, visit the Hot Dreams website here. And for some of Faster and Faster’s own hot dreams, visit us on Flickr here.

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