Thursday, January 17, 2008

Howard's Killer Customs’ US$150,000 hubless-wheeled chopper!

Looks cool, yes, but changing the rear tyre takes about 4 hours...

When it comes to hubless wheels being used on bikes, Franco Sbarro’s legacy lives on even today, with various motorcycle specials builders fitting (or at least trying to fit…) these wheels on their creations. One such specials builder is Howard Sofield, who owns Howard's Killer Customs.

Howard started with a 1969 Harley-Davidson FL and has transformed the bike into this chopper, which has been fitted with a hubless rear wheel. ‘Using my experience in drafting and automotive industries, I was able to come up with a different way to make the hubless wheel work. We were able to create our bike entirely in-house, and do things that most every other builder would have had to outsource. Over 4,000 hours of design and build time went into this project and we could not be happier with how it turned out,’ says Howard.

The bike, which weighs about 330 kilos, can hit a top speed of about 160km/h. Howard says that 284 bolts have been used in the rear wheel rim assembly, and that the time needed to change the rear tyre is about four hours. And, oh, just in case you were thinking of getting your hands on one of these, the bike costs about US$150,000. More details on Howard’s website here.

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