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Motoring magazine interviews Claudio Castiglioni

Mr Castiglioni. Likes good-looking women. Owns MV Agusta. Makes the most beautiful bikes in the world. Luckiest bloke around, eh..?

Cagiva have an agreement with an Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, Kinetic, who are now manufacturing the Mito 125 for Cagiva. These bikes are assembled at Kinetic’s manufacturing facility in Pune, India, and are then exported out of the country, to be sold in Europe and possibly elsewhere.

Recently, Pablo Chaterji, a photographer-journalist with a popular Indian automotive magazine – Motoring – traveled to Italy, where he met up with and interviewed none other than Claudio Castiglioni himself. Mr Castiglioni, of course, is the man who owns MV Agusta and Cagiva brands. Here are a few excerpts from what the great man had to say:

On selling off Husqvarna to BMW

Claudio Castiglioni: “This was a decision that we very carefully considered over a long while. Ultimately we decided that it was important to take care of our two important brands in the same way, and with equal attention. So we’ve decided to focus our attention mainly on the MV Agusta brand, and also on expansion of our brands.”

On the future of the F4

CC: “Our aim at MV Agusta is, of course, to make a product grow, but we don’t want to transform a product either. We would rather that the product evolved, rather than changed altogether. If a person bought an MV Agusta tomorrow morning, then five years later the bike would still be cutting edge. And even if we were to offer new models, then we would do so according to this policy.”

On his own role in the development of the F4

CC: “I was involved one hundred percent – from the conceptualization, to the first sketches to the finished product.”

On how it was to work with Massimo Tamburini

CC: “We worked extremely well together, as a matter of fact.”

On the possibility of MV making a supermotard

CC: “We may examine the possibility of getting into the supermotard segment, but if we did it, it would be according to our core values at MV Agusta. Firstly, of course, it would be different from anything else on the market. Secondly, it would be of higher quality and at a higher price as well, since we are essentially a luxury brand!

On MV's plans of getting into MotoGP

CC: “Not at the moment, no. I tell everyone that MV Agusta is the most historic name in motorcycle racing. We’re the Ferrari of bike racing. We will come back, of course, but we will come back to win.”

On whether he still rides

CC: “Yes, I do ride. My favourite bike is the Brutale, but for a rush of emotion, I ride the F4! I don’t go on long rides anymore though.”

On his favourite bike racers

CC: “My favourite riders are Rossi and Capirossi.”

On whether Rossi can win the MotoGP world championship this year

CC: “Well, he has Bridgestones now, so let’s see. But his engineers also have to work very hard, because his bike was just too slow [last year.] It was very bad!”

On his favourite cars

CC: “Well, I drive an Alfa Romeo 166 at the moment. I also have three Ferraris – an F40, which I think is the best Ferrari ever made, a Testarossa and a 360 Modena.”

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