Friday, January 11, 2008

Racy custom: Buell XBRR Chronos

The XBRR Chronos. Looks radical, goes hard...
Pic: The Biker Gene

Motorcycle specials builders based in Scandinavia, Hillbilly Motors’ latest machine – the XBRR Chronos racebike – has been built in tribute to Buell’s quarter-century of innovation. The bike, which weighs 150kg, is powered by a Harley-Davidson v-twin that’s been tuned to make 150 horsepower. So, yeah, the XBRR Chronos has a power-to-weight ratio that’s similar to what you’d find on the latest ZX-10Rs and R1s!

With 150bhp in a package that weighs 150kg, this bike is not to be taken lightly!

Since it’s based on a Buell, the Chronos is not just about horsepower – it also features significant innovation in all areas. The front brake is Buell’s ‘zero torsional load’ rim-mounted disc, which is now gripped by a Nissin 8-piston caliper setup. Then there’s the horizontally-mounted Showa ‘reverse’ rear shock, which operates without any linkage. (When the bike is ridden over bumps, this Showa unit extends as the rear wheel rises, and compresses when the wheel comes down – hence the ‘reverse’ tag.)

Like some of the latest Japanese race-reps, the Chronos even features traction control, which is controlled via a sensor mounted on the rear wheel. The specifics of how this system works are not available, but we suppose it would involve power being cut back when the system senses excessive wheelspin. And no belt drive here – the Chronos gets chain final drive to make sure that most of its 150 horses actually get to the rear wheel!

For more details, visit the Hillbilly Motors website here.

Another Hillbilly creation. For more pics, visit their website here

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