Thursday, January 03, 2008

RAD 01: Ducati 749R-based forerunner to the Ducati 848

Back in 2006, if you did not like the Ducati 749R, you could have it converted into this RAD 01
While the 2008 Ducati 848 is a cracking piece of kit, its predecessor – the 749 – wasn’t very widely appreciated. At least, not in some quarters. Which is perhaps why back in 2006, Radical Ducati had unveiled the 749R-based RAD 01.

The brainchild of Radical Ducati founder and Ducatista Jose ‘Pepo’ Rosell, the RAD 01 was inspired by the Ducati 916. Said Pepo, ‘Our aim is to create motorcycles we love, that it seems Ducati’s no longer capable of making themselves. It is an emotional question. I want people to fall in love with Ducati again!’

The RAD 01’s styling was driven by Pepo, and designer Michael Uhlarik, former senior designer at Yamaha (he was responsible for the MT-03, TZR, and 2003 M1) and founder of the Type U studio in Barcelona. In seven months, the two men had the RAD 01 prototype ready. Apart from the restyled bodywork, key changes included significantly increased fuel capacity, better ventilation of the heat generated by the underseat exhaust system, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight.

Radical Ducati say the RAD 01 was aimed at people who already owned a Ducati 749R, and who wanted to upgrade their machine and make into something more exotic. Just as well, then, that the RAD 01 kit could be bolted on directly to the 749R chassis, with no modifications needed to the standard bike. And full assembly time was claimed to be less than an hour. 

For more information, visit the Radical Ducati website here, and the Type U website here.

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