Monday, February 18, 2008

Adiva AD250: A cool, convertible scooter!

The smart, sexy and stylish Adiva AD250. We want one!

Set up in 1996, Adiva Corp. say they’ve been working on developing ‘a new generation of vehicles better suited for city mobility, based on the concepts and innovations inspired by the company’s owner, Nicola Pozio.’ And apparently, one of the things they’ve been trying their hand at is the scooter-with-a-roof concept, which BMW also tried with the C1.

Adiva have been making and selling their scooters in Europe for the last few years – this was earlier in marketing tieups with Benelli and Renault, though the company has now decided to go it alone. With their funky foldaway roofs, Adiva scooters have been a hit with commuters who want both – the sheer ease and convenience of a two-wheeler in dense city traffic, and the weather protection of a small car.

The AD250's foldaway roof can be stowed in the scooter's trunk...

Like with some sportscars, the two-seater Adiva AD250’s roof can be folded and stowed away in either the scooter’s trunk, or it can be left at home. The scooter, with its steel tube trellis frame, is fitted with a single-cylinder, 244cc Piaggio engine that makes 22bhp at 8250rpm – should be just about adequate for the Adiva’s rather porky 175kg dry weight. This nifty little urban commuting tool runs on 14-inch wheels, and is fitted with Brembo disc brakes front and rear. The rear shock is adjustable for preload.

For more details, visit the Adiva website here.

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