Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funky BMW: Rodney Aguiar’s 1983 R80ST

We think this custom-built BMW R80ST looks very cool...

Who would have thought you could do this with an early-1980s BMW R80ST? One Rodney Aguiar, it seems, who’s gone ahead and made this super-funky Beemer, using a lot of time, money, technology and ingenuity!

Rodney’s 1983 BMW R80ST has been fitted with a custom-made frame and fuel tank, the rear shock and front fork are from a Suzuki GSX-R, and the swingarm/shaft-drive is from a police BMW R1150RT. The R80’s black-painted engine gets computer-controlled fuel-injection from a 1996 BMW R1100, and Mr Aguiar has even bolted on a Mitsubishi turbocharger on the old Beemer boxer-twin! Definitely looks interesting to us…

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