Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Giordano Loi’s Ducati Desmo Infinito

Not happy with his Ducati 999's styling, Mr Loi decided to do something about it...

Pics: Motoblog

This Ducati 999-based special – the Desmo Infinito – has been created by one Giordano Loi, an artist, sculptor and motorcycle enthusiast. Loi is a fan of the Pierre Terblanche-designed 999, and says that technically, if not aesthetically, it’s the best Ducati so far.

For the Infinito, Loi worked on fine-tuning the Ducati 999’s proportions. The aim was to make sure that the bodywork fitted the mechanicals like a glove – Loi wanted the bike to be as lean and feline as possible. The engine, chassis and suspension have been kept stock, though an aftermarket exhaust system has been fitted.

Our opinion? Ummm… Loi’s Desmo Infinito doesn’t really look as hot as the Ducati 1098, but its carefully shaped and sculpted bodywork looks all right. Is it better looking than a regular 999? Perhaps.

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